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Packaging in the 21st century

Seventeen years ago we leapt into a century of unimaginable advances and some of us, although we may be slow to admit it, are...

green e-commerce

Going Green: Automation

In the trend of going green, companies also have to asses the use of their equipment: how is the equipment that is being currently...

recyclable corrugated

Going Green: The Benefits

Oftentimes, companies are expected to be economically friendly, especially by consumers. Luckily, becoming a more eco-conscious company is also becoming more practical, with many...

optimized packaging

E-Commerce: Optimized Packaging

While every e-commerce business wants to keep their packaging prices low, it’s also important to consider price point validation. If the product that is...

Wasteful Packaging Processes

A wasteful packaging process can result in overspending on your packaging process, frustration for the customer, and additional time and labor. It can also...

case sealer

E-Commerce: Protective Packaging

When considering customer experience in an e-commerce shipment and delivery, it is vital to determine the effect of a package arriving damaged, or not arriving at...

opening experience

E- Commerce: Opening Experience

The purpose of packaging in e-commerce businesses is to protect the product that the customer ordered. However, as e-commerce evolves, consumers are expecting a...

The Package Guru Unpacks QR Codes

The strange looking collection of dots to the right is known as a QR code. They were first designed in 1994 for the automotive...


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