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Which Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper Should I Buy?

via Lantech Blog

Choosing the right semi-automatic stretch wrapper for the right setting can be tricky, unless you consider the loads being wrapped. While there are several different models and factors to choose from, there are two basic styles to consider: a turntable stretch wrapper and a straddle stretch wrapper. The deciding factor is the construction and makeup of your pallet loads.

On a turntable stretch wrapper, the load spins around on a turntable, while the film delivery system moves up and down, dispensingthe stretch film. A turntable typically spins between 12 – 15 revolutions per minute, so a pallet load has to be stable and solidly built, with the weight of the load evenly distributed.

With a straddle stretch wrapper, the load remains still while the film delivery system rotates around the pallet, moving up and down to distribute the film. This is useful for light or unstable loads that might fall apart while the pallet is rotating. It’s also better for very heavy loads that weigh more than 5,000 pounds. There are turntables that can handle up to 5,000 pounds on a single pallet, but once you get beyond that, it is highly recommended that you use a straddle stretch wrapper.

Turntable stretch wrappers can handle the majority of stretch wrapping applications. Our customers overwhelming purchase the turntable stretch wrapper vs. the straddle. Nine out of every ten stretch wrappers sold are the turntable model.

Another consideration is floor space. A turntable wrapper is portable, because you can always move it, if the need arises. They fit nicely between dock doors, which is a popular location for semi-automatic stretch wrappers. A straddle wrapper is more permanent because you need to anchor it to the floor.

A straddle stretch wrapper also takes up more floor space because of the rotation of the wrap arm and supporting frame work. You need a wider floor space for clearance around the arm. The turntable can be placed in smaller areas with access for forklifts carrying pallet loads.

When ceiling height is an issue, the turntable stretch wrapper can be a better solution. Turntable stretch wrappers are typically shorter than a straddle wrapper with equal wrap height capacities.

Budget is the final consideration. Turntable stretch wrappers typically range from $5,000 to $15,000, while straddle wrappers are more expensive starting at $17,500 and up.

If you’re having trouble deciding between a turntable and a straddle stretch wrapper, you can always call your Lantech representative to help you decide which model is best for you.


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